Year 4 and the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra


Year 4 pupils from Stowford School were given a unique opportunity to join other schools and work with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, listening to and creating music.


The Fairytale and Fantasy concert, led by presenter and composer James Redwood, took the children on a musical exploration through a land of Fairytale and Fantasy and allowed them to work with a symphony orchestra experience. During the concert the orchestra played lots of famous pieces that told stories, including Beauty and the Beast, Stomp and Baba Yaga. The children joined in by singing the Fairytale and Fantasy song, which they had learnt prior to the concert, along with the other schools and by providing body percussion while the orchestra played. At the end, they listened to a story of the fire bird.DSC04801DSC04795

Year 4 teacher, Abi Hurdle, said, “It was a truly enriching musical experience and amazing to have the chance to work with a professional orchestra. The Fairytale and Fantasy song was extremely challenging musically, but sounded fabulous when all the children involved sang it live. Our children treated the rest of the school to a performance of the song the day after the concert and everyone was impressed by their rendition.”