Year 3 Roman Theatre


Year 3 children at Stowford rounded off their Roman topic by treating the Year 5 classes to a trip to the theatre.

As part of their topic they had investigated what the Romans liked to do for entertainment. They then worked in groups to adapt a Roman myth and create a play based on it. From preparing the script and casting to stage directions and props, the children worked on their performances, before presenting a “one off performance” in their specially constructed Roman Theatre.

Year 3 teacher , Brad Farnham, said, “It was a lovely way to end the year and more appropriate than recreating a gladiator fight in the amphitheatre! They prepared their own dramatic performances without any help from the teachers, although they did support each other with advice. Despite some nerves, the final performances were a real success and much enjoyed by their older peers!”

IMG_0971 IMG_0980 yr 3 a yr 3 b yr 3 c yr 3 d