Year 3 Roman day



Children from Years 3 at Stowford School had the chance to travel back 2,000 years in time and choose whether to join the Roman Empire or to fight them!


Oly Martin, a soldier from the Roman Exeter Garrison, took the youngsters in hand for a day. As a Devon tribe, they had a visit from the invading Romans to give them the options and they were challenged to explain why they had made the decisions they had. They had the opportunity to examine artefacts and replicas from the British Romano period. Then they joined the Roman army for an afternoon of training.

Year 3 teacher, Brad Farnham, said, “It was a fantastic day and the children embraced the role play whole heartedly. They had the opportunity to try their hand at firing a bow and arrow and a taste of what Roman discipline would be like!   It was really interesting to see how many children started the day adamant that they would fight the Romans, and ended the day wanting to work with them and make a treaty. Following their training, they completely routed the barbarian tribes- proving that the Roman army was totally superior in their time. The costumes and shields were amazing and we would like to thank the parents for supporting the children and enabling them to make the most of this opportunity.”

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