Year 3 Eden Visit



Year 3 children from Stowford School rounded off their work on the “Amazing Amazon Rainforest” with a trip to the Eden Project. The visit gave the youngsters a chance to experience first hand the humidity of the rainforest climate and to learn more about the plants that grow there.

The main focus of the visit was to take part in the Rainforest Rangers’ experience, where the children got the opportunity to role play what life was like for rangers working in the rainforest. They then had the chance to handle objects used by people who live in the area. They were encouraged to guess what each artefact was used for and think about how they could use each artefact practically. Afterwards they headed into the rainforest Biome with their guide, looking for plants that could give you water, shelter or food.

Year 3 teacher Brad Farnham said, “It was a fantastic way to consolidate all the work they have done this term. Most children have to learn about the Amazon from books and films, but we were very lucky to be able to “step into” to the Amazon, even if it was only for an afternoon. It really brought home to the children what an amazing environment it is and how different it is to the world where we live. Mind you, I’m not sure they would want to actually live there as they were all glad to get some fresh air after experiencing the humidity!”1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11