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Year 6 children at Stowford School brought Broadway to Ivybridge, with their amazing production of “Annie”.

In a production, packed with musical numbers, great costumes and stunning dance routines, they told the story of how Annie escapes the orphanage to spend some time with a well connected billionaire, who offers to track down her missing parents and ensures that a plot to impersonate Annie’s parents is foiled. It was a challenge to recreate the popular show, but the end result wowed the audiences.

Year 6 teacher, Matt Jackson, said, “Stowford has a reputation for ambitious and spectacular productions and, initially, it is always daunting for the Year 6 children, because they have grown up watching shows that their predecessors have put on. This year, as always, the children rose to the challenge and produced a performance that they can be really proud of. The standard of singing was fantastic, with some superb solos and the dance routines were dazzling, thanks to the support from Sharon Kee. It is always wonderful to see the time and effort that the children put into the production, from the back stage crew to the stars of the show, rewarded with rapturous applause- it makes all their hard work worth it!”

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